Company Profile

One Green World

Bridgetech embraces the ever growing responsibility to make a positive impact on the planet.
Bridgetech is focused on environmental responsibilities by accurately selecting products from manufacturers that focus on producing -from power-efficient designs to eco-friendly manufacturing to be able to reuse and recycling those products.

What's good for the environment is good for your business!

Bridgetech is a distributor of computer hardware and a provider of Server and Storage solutions with an international experienced and committed team. Thanks to highly effective business model backed up by a network of international partners Bridgetech is able to deliver a broad range of computer hardware with flexibility and at very competitive prices.


In addition Bridgetech is a forward thinking company which actively contributes to the cultural, economic and social well being of its employees by playing an active role in the consulting of innovative technologies within the IT field.


Bridgetech focuses on its commercial growth, it also understands the importance of supporting universities and research centers through consulting in order to help choosing the most advanced technology within the best price/ performance ratio.


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